14724523_1690123744649261_2128587737702793530_nHello there! My name is Chandler McCoy and I am a junior at Lyon College. I’m majoring in Chemistry with a minor in music. My faith is an important part of my life here at college, and I help lead a worship service at Lyon called The Blend. While I love Chemistry and music, Christ is my absolute passion.

When it comes to hobbies, music is about all I do! Although I played saxophone in my high school band, I am self taught on guitar, bass, piano, and a few other instruments. Piano is, without a doubt, my favorite thing to play and probably the instrument I am most acquainted with. I play just about anything from Christian Contemporary to Panic! At the Disco, and the stuff I listen to is just as diverse. I DJ on the side to help make a little money so I tend to always be surrounded by music from all different genres.

I thoroughly love learning new things and I’ve always enjoyed school. I declared my Chemistry major my second semester of college and took Dr. Anthony Grafton as my academic advisor. It wasn’t until the first semester of my junior year that I declared my music minor, despite having been taking music classes every semester prior to that. I am a member of the Honor Council, the Lyon College Alumni Council, the American Chemical Society, and I also serve as an Ambassador to the college, helping with recruitment and admissions. I’ll graduate from Lyon in 2018 with a B.S in Chemistry and I plan to go to graduate school to continue my studies and earn my Master’s.