The Future Isn’t so Far Away

This week I filled out my Intent to Graduate form. That within itself is worth writing about simply for the fact that I was so surprised by it. It really just doesn’t seem like I have been in college this long, but this time next May I will be preparing myself to receive a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry with a minor in music. College is one of those things that can simultaneously make you feel like you’ve been there for both a few months and a few dozen years. Naturally, I’m now starting to get the anxiousness that comes with preparing to graduate college.

This morning I met with my professor and we talked about what classes I was going to be taking, what I needed to do to prepare for graduate school, how to take the GRE, and so on. It all seems pretty surreal and I’m so glad that I made the decision to go to Lyon three years ago. The impact this college has had on my life has been monumental.

Work has been going really well here at Future Fuel. There hasn’t really been anything exciting happen here lately, but the work I’ve been doing has taught me a lot of things about the chemical industry as well as time management. I believe I might be getting to stay here during the summer and work which will be very cool. Although I don’t know where that position will be, I don’t think I have too much to worry about at a place like this.

My Scotland trip is also rapidly approaching and the more we talk about it in class, the more excited I get. As of right now we have all of our tickets bought and we have been going over the logistics of the trip. Probably one of the things that I’m most excited about is seeing all the cities and small towns. It doesn’t take very much to impress me so getting to see all of the scenery and old buildings, as well as meeting so many new people, will itself make the trip worth it.

As far as I know we will leave out of Memphis around May 10th and we will fly to Newark, New Jersey where we will then get on a plane and go straight to Edinburgh, Scotland. I have already promised myself that I would try some new foods no matter how gross or scary they may seem.



Is It Over Yet?

The last week has been very crazy for me. While I’m currently writing this on my spring break, I still have massive amounts of homework to do. Last week was midterm week for me, and it was the craziest, busiest, most tiring midterm week I’ve ever had. While some of the work itself wasn’t that hard, it still absorbed almost all of my time. I actually had to ask off work just so I could get everything done!

I still have homework and studying to do for the coming weeks, and I just hope to endure and keep working as hard as possible. I am currently taking 17 credit hours this semester and working on all the days that I don’t have a lab. Trying to balance work, which I still thoroughly enjoy, and school, and retain any type of personal life, has certainly been a challenge. However, I know that through all of this I will hopefully sharpen my time management skills as well as my work ethic.

I still really enjoy my job and I’ve been working hard on several projects. Most of the work I’ve been doing has been compiling databases and assisting people in making sure that we comply with all the regulations put in place. It has been very cool to see another side of chemistry and not just the lab part. I really think that this will help me a lot in my career because a lot of people in the lab have told me that chemist don’t usually learn about these kind of things. If I already have a knowledge of regulations and safety when going into a chemistry career, it could give me somewhat of a leg up on other chemists. I am very grateful to be here and have this job.

I am going to try and see if I can stay on here this summer and maybe save up to get an apartment. There is a lot going on and I’m trying to make changes in my life regarding managing both my money and my time. It’s going to require every bit of strength God will give me, because I certainly can’t do it without His help. My education, finances, and job are all a blessing and I hope to become a good steward of all that God has given me.