New Job, New Adventures, New Year

“…He will put me exactly where I need to be.”


Without a doubt, 2016 was a crazy year for all of us. Students, parents, teachers, men, women, and everyone else for that matter, all probably ran into some sort of issue or trial that made last year a tough time. It was the year of Trump, Harambe, scorching temperatures, protests, and a lot of crazy events that had effects on all of us. That being said, a lot of people, myself included, entered into this new year slightly apprehensive about taking steps in any direction. We all want to know that the paths we are choosing to take are the right ones, and we all wish we could see ahead to what’s coming. Although I am pretty nervous about everything that is coming up in my life and where I am going, being a man of faith, I know I can trust that everything is happening the way it is for a reason. I also know that if I follow Christ through this life, even though there will be ups and downs, He will put me exactly where I need to be.

All that being said, this year is going to be filled with a lot of new things! I recently got an internship at Future Fuel, and although I’m not entirely sure of what this job will entail, it is very exciting. These kinds of experiences are crucial to helping me determine what I want to do with my degree, making connections, and learning new things. I start next week and I’m currently getting things worked out with the company so that I can be ready to jump right in. In order to get college credit I have to post about it; so there will definitely be more to come on this new job in the coming weeks.

This year I will also be traveling outside of the country for my first time with the college! I’ll be going to Scotland in May and staying for two weeks, do I really need to say more?

All in all I’m very excited about everything that is happening even if it does cause me a bit of anxiousness. Hopefully this blog will help everyone who is interested keep up with me and my experiences. Here’s to new year!


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